This Privacy Policy enumerates and explains what information SMS Go collects from end-users, what it does with the data collected and why. If, in case you read this Privacy Policy in any language other than English, you agree that the English version shall prevail in the event of any discrepancies.

1. Data Collection

New Media Services and the SMS Go App take your privacy seriously. No data may be used or obtained without the express permission of the user. Account details and other personal information are used for the sole purpose of accounts, licensing and details relevant for SMS Go. Tracking, retrieving or disclosure of sensitive data of users is withheld unless deemed highly necessary or as duly required by law.

1.1 Data Provided By Users

This refers to the information you supply when registering or subscribing to the SMS Go app. It includes the following: • Name • Location • Contact details such as email address and mobile number • Credit Card Data

1.2 Automatically Collected Data

Aside from user-specified information, the app may also automatically collect system-related data. This comprises, but is not limited to your log data, IP address, the type of mobile phone you use, carrier, mobile internet browser and the operating system of your phone.

1.3 Shared Information

SMS Go is determined to deliver more useful and innovative contributions in an effort to help various businesses operate more efficiently. As such, the app may be subject to future enhancements that include media sharing in the form of photos, recordings and videos.

Shared Information then refers to data depicting something about or relating to you that is disclosed on SMS Go with consent. It may comprise photos, videos and recordings you exchange with your clients through the app, or messages indicating your location such as contents with geotagging embedded in it.

Shared information you send through SMS Go will remain public unless you delete it. However, your shared information may still be cached, copied or even stored by third parties not affiliated with nor controlled by SMS Go or New Media Services.

1.4 Use of Collected Information

New Media Services strictly conforms to all legal prerequisites and regulations, including PCI compliance for credit card billing, when collecting information from customers. The use of collected data is for the sole purpose of guaranteeing seamless SMS chatting and secure billing procedure at all times. At the same time, the information you provide serves as the company’s basis for examining customer behavior regarding the use of the app’s services as well as upgrading SMS Go’s features and software performance.

2. Security

New Media Services recognizes your high regard for the security of your information when using the services of SMS Go. Thus, quality maintenance of administrative, physical and technical security measures is strongly implemented to protect your personal information from alteration, disclosure, loss, misuse or unauthorized access. Among safety measures employed by New Media Services and SMS Go are data encryptions, firewalls, and information access authorization controls.

Likewise, it is also your responsibility as the customer to make sure that personal information you disclose upon registering to SMS Go is accurate and that your password(s) and account registration data are secure and not shared with third parties.

3. Children’s Privacy

The services of SMS Go are not intended for children under the age of 13. As such, intentional collection of personal information from individuals below 13 years of age either via the SMS Go app, its website or features is NOT, by any means, practiced nor supported by the company.

4. Updates to this Policy

This Privacy Policy is subject to changes from time to time. This is to keep up with future enhancements that may be applied to SMS Go’s services. You will be notified promptly about all updates and/or revisions done to the policy.

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