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A short description on how SMS Go Works
A short description on how SMS Go Works for Customers

How smsGo works!

Increase your business satisfactory rate with our hands-on representatives and chat solution app that helps you operate your SMS customer service.


End-users can conveniently contact you via the virtual number on your website or by completing the widget form. Don’t worry about not having a website, your number can be posted on a business signage. This is also a great way for potential customers to easily reach you wherever they are.


With text messaging still being the most effective method of communication, smsGO can help increase your business sales and customer base via the app or the desktop platform.


Receive all client inquiries and directly communicate with your consumers in an easy way. The messages are displayed in a thread form, so you can view chat history and improve interaction & service levels.

Unlimited Features

Check out what you can do with SMS Go!

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SMS functionality integrated into your website via simple API

Desktop platform available at no extra cost

• Virtual mobile numbers provided

NO end-user installation required so customers can easily send inquiries via SMS

Chat support agents made available upon request

Now Available

smsGO allows customer support and sales representatives to respond to customer concerns and sales inquiries in a controlled, monitored and effective way through the smsGO app and desktop support platform.

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