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SMS Chat Solution for optimum management of your business’s customer support service

Allow your Customer Support representatives to interact with end-users via SMS Go to provide quick, satisfactory, and reliable assistance.

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A short description on how SMS Go Works
A short description on how SMS Go Works for Customers

How it Works!

At affordable rates, experience the difference that a hands-on, chat solution app can bring on how you manage your business and operate your customer help desk.

Boost Business Accessibility

End-users can contact you either through the virtual number posted on your website or by entering their mobile number on a form widget add-on.

No website yet? Your number can be displayed on a business signage instead!

Reliable and Convenient

With SMS Go app, you can effortlessly maximize your manpower. The dependable and hassle-free application helps broaden your business’s horizon by engaging end-user concerns immediately and professionally.

Enhance End-User Satisfaction

As business owners, you can directly receive all client inquiries with or without customer service representatives in a message thread form. Thus, you can backtrack chat history for specific concerns and improve how you interact with your clients.

Unlimited Features

Check out what you can do with SMS Go!

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SMS Go button integrated into your website via API

A virtual mobile number for contacting your end-users is provided

Receive and respond to customer messages and queries through SMS Go

Customers can send inquiries and concerns via SMS

Functional and end-user-friendly

Requires NO end-user installation

Customer support agents can be provided upon request

Now Available

Customer Support Representatives will use the SMS Go App to respond to customer concerns, while end-users can keep in touch with you through their trusty mobile phones.

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